Hi Roz

I started using the facial cube (miracle cube) over a year ago when I met you at the Bendigo Market. I have never had nice skin, as a teenager I piled on the makeup just to cover up. Now I get comments about how great my skin looks. I have noticed a difference in the texture, appearance and my skin doesn’t get as oily anymore. I also suffered
with unusual cysts on my body I used the cube on the areas and within weeks
they were all gone. Not even the doctors could help me with that. Love the
products and love Roz too. Ever friendly, kind hearted, warm lady.

Thanks, Kylie


Dear Roz,

I have been a user of the Herbal Intensive Care for about 10
years. I have a dry skin and love the way it hydrates my skin. My daughter
recently returned from 7 years in the U.S. She arrived with American products
which she loved. Initially she sent for the same product, however after using
some of my Intensive Care Facial Cream she is a convert. She says she loves the
way it is absorbed into the skin.


Jan Neil

Kew, Victoria.



Hello. I met you at your market stall in Canberra a couple of years ago
and bought your travel pack of products. Had been meaning to give you feedback
long before now. I have thoroughly enjoyed your products and have just found
your website and bought some full size products. My husband loves the smell of
your creams and they really improve the look, hydration and feel of my skin,
especially in the winter. I still havent used up the exfoliating bar! Good Luck
with your future!

Annette Wallis

Quirindi, NSW.


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