The “dream” began 16 years ago, when at the age of fifty I became one of the many casualties of “rationalisation” in the workforce.  After the initial shock and disappointment came the realization that maybe this could be the start of a new chapter in my life.

With a long time interest in the growing and use of herbs and with the support and help from my husband Tom a small herb farm was developed, where herbs were trial plotted, firstly to see what could be grown successfully in our area and also with a view to using the herbs for culinary and medicinal use.  I undertook a course in the growing of the herbs and my husband Tom undertook a course in the medicinal use of herbs.

Malmsbury is a little village approximately 95  kms from Melbourne in the Shire of the Macedon Ranges and is a very popular tourist area, so we decided to set up a shop on our property in a little mud brick building where we could sell herbs and craft. This enterprise proved quite successful and proved very popular with many visitors, especially the herb display garden which we set up as an added attraction.

Having suffered since my late teens with an allergy to certain ingredients in skin care products, resulting in many visits to Skin Specialists, I decided to do further  and more in-depth research into the plant families, with the view of maybe developing a cream that could help my condition.  This took place over a period of five years during which time I also started to teach myself the art of soap making and skin care product manufacturing.

From my research I decided on 14 herbs to use in my skin care – chosen for their specific benefits to the skin. Again, with the help of my husband, these herbs were grown and harvested and then, by a special process, a formulation of plant extracts was created.  This formula is now the basis of Mere-Dream’s Herbal Intensive Care   Collection. The collection includes;  Herbal Facial Cube®, Herbal Cleansing Milk, Herbal Cleansing Cream, Herbal Facial Tonic, Herbal Antioxidant Day Cream, Herbal Intensive Care Night Treatment, Herbal Hand & Body Lotion, Herbal Conditioning Mask, Herbal Intensive Care Eye Cream.

The desire was now a passion, so to give my products credibility I decided to undertake a Diploma in Aromatherapy, which I began in 2002.  This was a three year course. I had so many ideas for products and my passion for this new enterprise in our lives was undeniable.  Then, in mid 2003, my husband Tom was diagnosed with terminal Cancer and our world fell apart.  We closed our shop and the next eight or so months I nursed and cared for Tom at home until on the 7th January, 2004, he passed away.

There have been many times since that I have wondered how I can keep the “dream” alive without the help and support of Tom, but I know he believed in what we were doing and made it known to me during his illness that he would be very disappointed if I were to “give up” after so much work.

I decided to continue with my studies and completed the Diploma in Aromatherapy graduating in June 2005.

In 2006 I exhibited and launched my products at the Reed Gift Fair.  I entered the products in the Best Australian Designed and Australian Made category and in 2007 I was invited to the inaugural presentation to the winners.  I was one of eight businesses in the finalist list for that category.  It was to be a most significant turning point in my life, when I was awarded the winner of that category.  From that time I knew that I would continue to persevere and strive to develop  Mere-Dream and believed then and now that the products will eventually be well known in Australia and that “Mere-Dream” will be  well known and recognized as a quality Australian brand of skin care.

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